Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father's petition still unanswered

The core questions, again, asked in the Petition of March 27, 2008. This time, for all to see, in English:

1. On what conditions was Ciaran Tobin allowed to leave Hungary on September 19, 2000?

2. On October 9, 2000 Ciaran Tobin returned to Hungary. Contrary to the law, he did not hand over his passport to the authorities. The Hungarian authorities did not take his passport either, despite the fact that he notified the Buda Regional Court of his return to Hungary. On November 30, 2000 Ciarán Tobin left Hungary again, this time for good. With what permission did he leave? Why did Hungarian authorities not take away his passport on his return on October 9, 2000?

3. To our knowledge, Ciaran Tobin was not notified of his obligation to start his 3-year prison sentence passed by the court. Why was he not notified?

4. The reply by Irish authorities to the EAW issued by Hungary suggests that its content did not meet current requirements. If so, why? We demand that the EAW issued by the Hungarian authorities be made available to the public.

5. According to the Ministry of Justice, the Hungarian authorities have requested that the sentence be enforced on Irish land, to which the Irish authorities replied that that would only be possible if the convict had fled Hungary. We demand that the above request sent to the Irish authorities as well as their response be made available to the public.

It is also demanded that errors committed by the Hungarian authorities in this case be identified and made public, and steps be taken by the Hungarian authorities to ensure that a similar situation can never happen again.

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