Thursday, May 29, 2008

The dictionary revisited

Mr. Justice Peart, and thus Ireland, has refused to surrender Ciaran Tobin to Hungary saying Tobin did not flee Hungary. Ireland also refused to carry out the sentence imposed on Tobin on Irish soil claiming he did not flee Hungary.

The meaning of "flee" in a language widely known as English can be seen above (source: Webster's). See 1b: On November 30, 2000, Ciaran Tobin was in a hurry toward a place of security (which means he was fleeing). So much so that he didn't walk, no, he boarded an aeroplane, which is much faster. In case we wonder: flee means the same on both sides of the Atlantic, same in Webster's (US), same in the Oxford (GB). But those are obviously not the ones Mr. Justice Peart consulted.

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