Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr. Justice Adrian Hardiman's comments

... "grossly abnormal period" during which Mr Tobin, who is a father of two children, has been under threat of forcible separation from his family: Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman

We  must say we're unable to follow Mr. Justice Hardiman's logic: if there's anything that is a 'grossly abnormal period', it is DEATH.  And if there's anything that is 'forcible separation', it is, again, DEATH. Also, Mr. Tobin is the father of two children. Mr. Zoltai, thanks to Mr. Tobin, was the father of two children.

Marci and Petra are dead because they have been killed.  And the man's been walking free for a 'grossly abnormal period'. For that, shame on both the Hungarian and the Irish 'justice' systems.

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