Sunday, April 20, 2008

Killer linguistics

Perhaps the English of the Hungarian official who wrote the European Arrest Warrant was less than perfect. Perhaps "flee" was the wrong word to use on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued by the Republic of Hungary for Ciaran Tobin.

Or perhaps Mr Justice Michael Peart who doesn't spend too much of his time extraditing people who commit crime against children, knows English better than the Oxford Dictionary.

Because that volume (as well as the American versions of it) states that "flee" can be an intransitive verb simply meaning to "disappear quickly".

Hungarian officials are now no doubt brushing up their English on their EAWs. Still, Mr. Justice Michael Peart should have just stuck to the facts:

Ciaran Tobin killed Marci and Petra Zoltai, was convicted, but never served his time. Not yet, that is. The two children remain dead, the killer remains free.

Exactly which part of that English is not clear, Mr. Justice Peart?

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