Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where we are at now

On April 9, 2000, Irish banker and guest-worker-in-Hungary Ciaran Tobin drove on the sidewalk some 70 meters. He ran over and killed two children, Marci Zoltai (4) and Petra Zoltai (2), who were waiting with their grandmother and aunt to cross the street at a pedestrian crossing in the village of Leányfalu, outside of Budapest, Hungary.

Both children died on the scene.

What happened after is a mockery of the Hungarian judicial system. Helped by a thick pocket and a star-studded defense lawyer team, Ciaran Tobin made his way out of the country before the trial, never to return. He was sentenced, in his absence, to 3 years in prison by the Buda District Court in 2002.

Hungary issued a European Arrest Warrant for Ciaran Tobin in 2005 and a "surrender (a.k.a. extradition) request" to Ireland. The Irish Court turned down Hungary's request to surrender Tobin and also refused to carry out the sentence on Irish soil referring to the meaning of the English verb "flee". Whatever.

It has been more than 8 years since the crime. Ciaran Tobin never spent one minute in jail for robbing Marci and Petra Zoltai of their lives.

Ciaran Tobin has lived near Dublin, Ireland, undisturbed, working as a senior manager of a large insurance company that has the words "Irish" and "life" in its name. For us, since April 9, 2000, those words translate to "Hungarian" and "death".

As a new development in the case, a document has been recently uncovered that Ciaran Tobin allegedly signed in Hungary in 2006, which may change the whole legal ballgame. In light of this new fact, Hungary is now reportedly about to issue a new EAW.

For the latest developments of this tragic story, this moral and legal chaos, be sure to bookmark www.ciaran-tobin.com.

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