Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is speeding an accident?

"It's over. It was an accident", screams Ms Tobin at Mr Papp of TV2 as she instructs him to get off her property on April 25, 2008, almost 8 years to the day she sat, pregnant, next to her husband as he killed Marci and Petra Zoltai.

We respectfully disagree: speeding is not an accident. It's a choice.

May we add also: after driving some 30 meters on the sidewalk, Mr. Tobin had three choices: hit the bus on the left, hit the stone wall on the right, or hit the kids in the middle. He chose to hit the kids, thereby saving himself, his pregnant wife, his kid in the back and two guests. The car came to a stop 50 meters on. It's only by sheer luck that no one else was killed: many people had just got on the waiting bus mere seconds before Tobin appeared from nowhere.

It must be made clear, this was not an "accident". He ventured onto the sidewalk, at high speed, deliberately. According to witnesses, he actually used the sidewalk for the past few miles to overtake other cars (some say he was racing with another driver). So he mounted the sidewalk, supposedly in an effort to overtake the bus from the right (!), at about 80 kmh in a 40kmh zone. He drove 30 meters on the sidewalk before he knocked down a traffic sign, hit the waiting children, one of them in a stroller, and took another 50 meters to stop. That's at least 80 meters of racing on the sidewalk. The word for this is not "accident" but willful negligence and a deliberate ignorance for others' safety, which, at 4pm on April 9, 2000, resulted in the deaths of Marci Zoltai (5) and Petra Zoltai (2), both citizens of the Republic of Hungary. To this day, this crime remains unpunished. No, not in an inpenetrably remote corner of the world. Here, in the heart of Europe. Is this what Marci and Petra deserve? Is this what humanity demands? Is this what the written and unwritten law commands? Is this the kind of society we want, one where crimes like this go unpunished?

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