Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tobin to be transfered to Irish jail

The Hungarian government has kept its word. Tobin, upon his request submitted yesterday, has been allowed to be transfered to an Irish prison within days.


  1. How does revenge help? Who will feel better? Tobin made at least one serious and terrible mistake. A mistake that can never be forgiven. Sending him to prison will not give back those children.

  2. Hi Matt, this site is not about revenge or feeling better. It is about justice.
    We repeat: it's about Justice, with a capital J. A concept as old as humanity.
    And it's also in our name: The Justice for Marci and Petra Foundation
    Best regards,
    The editors

  3. Matt! As I understand your comment if somebody kills in terrible accident 2 children in Ireland can go home to bed with no problem. Good to know, that no consequence of any mistakes in your country. Are you friend of this coward Tobin?


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