Monday, December 13, 2010

From Deborah

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  1. Well Done, Deborah, our hope is in decent people with a heart, like you.
    I am especially appalled by Ciaran Tobin's and his wife's arrogance(wife's comments: 'We are having dinner, our children are at home, get off my property. That was an accident, and it's over....') How can they possibly think that it is right to kill two children and then carry on as normal as if nothing had happened? It is not 'over' for the family and it never will be. They only wish they could have dinner with their children... And Ciaran Tobin has the guts to complain that his extradition to Hungary would cause him an 'unreasonable loss of his right to his family life, as he's close to his children'. (May not be the exact quote, I am quoting from the top of my head.) If he came here he would not be lynch mobbed or killed - no-one would want to touch him with a barge pole, believe me. We just want to see him brought to justice. If a Hungarian did the same to Irish children, I would be the first to protest for his extradition to Ireland. Lives have (should have) the same value the world over, and criminals are (should be) just as much criminals everywhere.
    Today I read in the news that there is hope for his extradition. :)
    Thanks again and have a nice day!
    Éva (a Hungarian)


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