Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The bottom line

As you may know by now, this site is about one Ciaran Tobin, of Cairn Manor, Ratoath, Co Meath, Ireland.
Why, you may ask.
We'll say it again. And again:
the man killed two children, Marci Zoltai (4) and Petra Zoltai (2) on April 9, 2000. He confessed to the crime. He was convicted in a Court of Law in the Republic of Hungary and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for what he did. He's never spent one minute in jail. He simply bought his way out of the country.
The case highlights Hungarian incompetency, Irish embarrassment, legal and linguistic acrobatics, and EU's ineffectiveness.
Look Marci and Petra in the eye! And tell us this is not true. Not in Europe, not in 2008. The loss of the two precious children, knocked down instantly by a speeder is unbearable in itself. The fact that the perpetrator has gone unpunished for the past 8 years increases our suffering exponentially.
This is not the way to build a Union.
The family, friends and all of us in the beautiful village of Leányfalu, and the whole country, have been suffering immeasurably for 8 years, with no justice served. Even World Ward II was over in 6 years.
How can one man fool a Community of 25 Nations?
We urge, in the strongest terms, all European decision-makers to find a solution to this legal and moral mess.
But most of all, we urge the Governments of Hungary and Ireland to work together like Marci and Petra did in their brief lives, like brothers and sisters, to find an acceptable solution so that what has been lost in our souls - humanity, hope, justice, trust, and yes, the dream of a United Europe - can be restored.

On behalf of Marci and Petra Zoltai, and all of us on this Continent, thank you.

The Foundation

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